Enough is enough

Notwithstanding a couple of wars, the Europe we know and take for granted was created on a surplus of very cheap fuel. namely oil coal and gas. These hydrocarbons provided the power that not only fought our wars, but built our cities, healthcare, transport systems, cheap food supplies leading to a seven fold population explosion, pensions, and all the other ‘stuff’ we take for granted. But on the downside, created infinite debt and along with that the insane notion that we can go on paying off that debt into infinity.

 We can of course, but on one condition: That we go on producing cheap hydrocarbon based fuel at an ever increasing rate to supply all our needs.

 Economists and politicians will assure you that we live in a money driven economy, that we can follow the Keynesian model and spend our way out of trouble.

 Unfortunately we live in an energy economy. We have to keep finding more fuel to burn, or our economy will collapse under its weight of debt. And no, wind turbines and solar panels will NOT replace oil and coal.

The chaos falling about our ears is not an economic crisis, it is an energy crisis. But no politician dare admit it. We’ve had a century of growth, and assumed it would go on forever. It wont, 

WW2 was the first resource war, what we are witnessing around us is a continuation of that resource war. Jobs and prosperity are derived from fuelburning. That is the basis of our ‘economy’: burn fuel to create jobs

We have spent a century demanding more, and nature delivered it. But as we’ve made clear in this book: http://tinyurl.com/oa854gt
nature has decided that enough is enough. There just isn’t any more. We cannot vote prosperity into office, no matter what promises are made.

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